Wedding Hair: Tips & Tricks

Wedding Hair: Tips & Tricks

Start with a consultation!

As with any hair service, consultation with your stylist, well before your wedding is recommended.  If you don’t have a regular stylist, make several appointments with a variety of stylists until you feel confident they know what you want, and are capable of doing it. Communication is the key to getting the results you want in your wedding hairstyle.
Your consultation should include questions about your wedding…style of wedding, time of year and time of day it will be held, pictures of your dress and headpiece if available, pictures of what you have in mind. Having an honest discussion about your hair type and what is possible, and deciding together how to get the look you want.

What to Expect the Wedding Morning

Typically we allow one hour for each bride and bridesmaid for styling their hair. The time necessary for each person varies depending on what is being done to the hair. That’s where the consultation comes into play when planning. Some brides want a certain style for their wedding party, some don’t care. Most stylists will schedule at least one practice for their bride close to the wedding to get a game plan in place.
When deciding who should be included in getting their hair done professionally, again that varies with each wedding. We suggest the wedding party, for sure should have their hair done to ensure the bride’s wedding pictures are perfect. Some brides only have themselves and their attendants get their hair done, some have mothers, mothers of the groom, flower girls and personal attendants. It really depends on who they want to be included.
For those getting their hair done, we request clean, dry hair the morning of the wedding. Some say dirty hair works best for updos, but there’s a fine line between day old dirty and greasy dirty. We also request button-down shirts or ones with extra-wide necks that can be pulled over the head without disturbing the hair.

Plan for Beauty Touch-Ups

Living in Iowa challenges every hairstyle on a normal day. Throw in a wedding, there’s a special process of preparing the hair to withstand whatever elements you may encounter. Rain, wind, humidity, and length of celebration are all factors that will have an impact on the security of your hairstyle. For the bride, we suggest limiting responsibilities the day of the wedding to limit the amount of time she will spend outside before the fun begins. Delegate last-minute details to a trusted family member or friend. Making a “to go” pack for the bridal party helps supply tools to keep hair and makeup fresh: Hairspray, bobby pins, powder, extra hair ties, makeup for touch-ups to repair sweat and or tears.

Make sure you have a wedding expert doing your hair.

Last notes, don’t be afraid to look around and speak up during your consultations and practice. Be sure you’re comfortable with the communication with your stylist. Not everyone loves to do wedding hair. The ones that do, will answer your questions, ask their own, and be able to put you at ease.
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