Planning A Fun Reception For Wedding Guests

Planning A Fun Reception For Wedding Guests
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Chris Appleby, co-owner of Cheeky Booth, started his photo booth rental business in 2010. As both a photo booth owner and photographer at Appleby Photography, Chris has seen many receptions, so he has some great advice to share with us for brides and grooms planning their weddings.

“Think of your reception from the perspective of your guests,” says Chris. “Once the reception starts, make sure there’s not too much downtime for them. The day will fly by for you, but you don’t want your guests to feel like they are just ‘sitting and waiting.’”

“For example, if you plan to walk from table to table to greet your guests for an hour, you’ll be busy the whole time. However, your guests will only engage with you for maybe five minutes of that time when you stop by their table. Then they have 55 minutes of just sitting and waiting for the next event. Instead, provide entertainment that will occupy wedding guests before and after dinner, such as a photo booth or games, so the fun and festivities continue for them, as well.”

Why a photo booth?
A photo booth is a great addition to a wedding reception because it provides entertainment for the guests in between the big events, like dinner, speeches and the first dance. Photo booths are also great for those guests that may not like to get out on the dance floor. “People love to pick from all the props, getting just the right funny hat and silly sunglasses combination,” says Chris.

While his favorite aspect of the Cheeky Booth is the quality of the photo strips, he knows weddings are about the guests celebrating and having a good time. Chris measures the success of the reception by how amused the guests are. “I love to hear all the laughter behind the booth curtain and again when they see their photo strips printed out, knowing they’ll remember all the fun they’re having.”

guests having fun at wedding reception party in cedar rapids

Chris feels the most important thing Cheeky Booth does for the wedding couple is provide them with a visual guestbook. “They’ll have a digital record of the people enjoying the wedding. Even guests that are usually camera shy love to hop in the photo booth and have their photo taken,” says Chris. Plus, he likes knowing that the guests are leaving with keepsakes of the wedding by having their photo strips.

Advice for choosing all your wedding professionals:
Choosing the right professionals to work with for your wedding day is an important decision. “Interviewing and selecting a vendor with experience should be one of your top priorities,” says Chris. “You want to make sure that your wedding day is easy and stress-free, so when you–and your guests–look back and remember your wedding 10 or 20 years from now, they’ll remember how happy and relaxing the day was.” Chris recommends finding knowledgable professionals to help you create the wedding you want and who will deal with the details, leaving you free to really enjoy the wedding day.

Two important questions couples should be asking when they hire a photo booth rental company are about booth location and schedule. Based on your reception schedule, Chris can help you choose the best time that the booth will be running so guests will use and enjoy it. The location of the photo booth is important because you’ll want it close to where your guests will be. The bar, dance floor and photo booth effects the flow of the whole reception, so you’ll want to keep those things together, if you can, so guests are not separated. While the quality of the photo strips is important to Chris, so is having an experienced attendant running the booth, which helps things to run smooth throughout the night.

photo booth rental cheeky booth for wedding receptions in iowa and wisconsin

DIY verses leaving it to the professional:
Chris says if you’ll have a very small wedding guest list, say under 30 people, the booth may be underused and, in that case, it could be better to DIY.

Cheeky Booth is currently offering $100 off any remaining 2017 dates for a Cheeky Booth photo booth rental package, so get your wedding date locked in while you still have time!

A’s to my Q’s: Chris says…
Weddings and audacious fun go hand-in-hand.
You should never get married without meaning to.
To have an unforgettable wedding, sometimes you have to be a little cheeky.
Electric Slide, Chicken Dance or watching from the bar? Chicken Dance!

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