Wedding Tips from The Olympic South Side Theater

Wedding Tips from The Olympic South Side Theater

We recently sat down with Anna, Venue Manager at The Olympic South Side Theater in Cedar Rapids to learn some tips and tricks that she thought would be helpful to share as you’re planning your big day. 


We totally get it! Planning a wedding is hard. Here are a few things that people forget to plan:

Feed yourself, your friends, and your family before the reception!

Don’t forget to plan for food during the morning and afternoon when you, your family and the wedding party are getting ready. Nobody wants to get hangry on such a fun day. Look into local food vendors to cater coffee and pastries in the morning. For example, right below The Olympic South Side Theater is Brewhemia who can provide amazing coffee and treats for your party to stay caffeinated and full!

Don’t forget about what the guests are doing in between the ceremony & reception!

This is especially for those couples having their ceremony and reception at different locations. Don’t forget about that hour where you know what you’re doing, but what should your guests be doing? Are you offering a cocktail hour at the reception location? Do you not want them to enter the reception location yet? If you don’t, think about suggesting places or things for them to do in the area while you’re preoccupied. Are there local restaurants, bars or sites you think they’d enjoy? Have them do a scavenger hunt in the area. The New Bohemian District where The Olympic South Side Theater is located is perfect to occupy guests during this transition time, and so many beautiful backdrops for your photos too!

Be considerate of those people who are traveling to celebrate your big day.

Stemming from the last point, if you have guests traveling from out of town show your appreciation. Leave them a welcome gift at their hotel. Suggest things to do around town, or schedule something fun for them to do with other guests before the big celebration. For example, before your celebration at The Olympic South Side Theater, you can set up a tour at Lion Bridge Brewing Company in Czech Village. They will be grateful to you for taking the time to make their stay into a personally curated selection of activities and local restaurants to visit. They’ll get to know the town their in on a local level rather than going to the closest fast food joint.

Thanks, Anna, for these excellent tips for engaged couples!

For more information on The Olympic South Side Theatre, contact:

Anna Hobart, Venue Manager

1202 3rd St SE Suite 200
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Photo Credit: Joseph Green Studios

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