How To Succeed On Your Wedding Fitness Goals

How To Succeed On Your Wedding Fitness Goals

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When you’re newly engaged, you’re excited to start planning your wedding–and may not even know where to begin. Getting healthy and fit should top your list of things to do. Whether you have 12 months or only 6 weeks until your wedding, right now is a great time to get organized and develop your fitness plan.

You imagine walking down the aisle in your wedding dress, all eyes on you, and you want to look amazing. We talked with Lynde Weatherford, Director of Training Services and personal trainer and health coach at Performance Health & Fitness for tips and advice on how to look your best for your big day.

“When developing a plan, more time is better. Depending on fitness and weight loss goals, it can take a year, so there’s less pressure when you plan ahead,” says Lynde. However, if time is short before the wedding, a 6-week Bridal Boot Camp is a good option for fast results.

Small Changes To Get Started

Start with setting small goals and don’t try to change everything at once. “People want to live a healthy lifestyle, but might need help knowing where to start,” says Lynde. Focus on smaller goals, such as increasing the amount of water you drink or choosing healthy snacks. Once you’ve got that, move on to the next goal.

If you have a desk job, there’s the familiar advice of parking at the back of the lot and using the stairs instead of the elevator. In addition to that, Lynde suggests adding office workouts that you could do at your desk or setting an hourly reminder on your phone to get up for a quick walk. You could use that walk to go refill your water bottle!

Tips To Stay Motivated and Succeed

Performance Health & Fitness is an overall wellness facility that works with all ages and fitness levels. It’s important to them that clients develop a fitness plan that will get results, so they help you find the balance between being comfortable and challenged. Lynde offers these tips to help you succeed on your health journey:

  • Set reasonable goals that you can obtain within your wedding timeframe. Weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week is considered healthy and realistic.
  • Get a workout buddy to hold you accountable, whether that’s your fiancé, a friend, or a trainer.
  • Schedule your workouts on your calendar so that you don’t forget.
  • Be flexible and kind to yourself. It’s OK if you miss a workout. Don’t get stressed, but do get back on track.
  • Use the 80/20 rule to eat clean. This means being mindful of what you eat 80% of the time and allowing yourself some fun the other 20% of the time.
  • Have rest and recovery time. Your body needs time to recover from hard workouts to have enough energy for your next one. And don’t skimp on sleep!
  • Include both cardio and strength training in your workout plan. You need to build muscle to really see the results. And since muscle weighs more than fat, pay attention to how your clothes fit, not the numbers on the scale.

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Performance Health & Fitness offers private training, as well as large and small group activities, such as their high-intensity interval training boot camps. The 6-week boot camps are a great way to get a jumpstart on your fitness goals and are open to both members and non-members. Performance Health & Fitness members benefit from complementary training sessions when they start that allow Performance Health & Fitness to assess your current fitness level, as well as discuss your short and long term goals. They then develop an individualized workout plan to help you meet those goals.

Most importantly, keep working on improving yourself by choosing a plan you can commit to sticking with, long-term. It takes two weeks to adapt to a new plan and about three months to really see the results, says Lynde. “If you do things you like, you’ll keep doing them.”

A’s to my Q’s: Lynde’s says…
To have an unforgettable wedding sometimes you have to: just roll with it and have a good time.
Weddings and planning go hand-in-hand.
Electric Slide, Chicken Dance or watching from the bar? Electric Slide and the Chicken Dance–I’d be out there dancing to everything!

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