Getting the ‘Right’ Engagement Ring

Getting the ‘Right’ Engagement Ring


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Deciding that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is a monumental decision and choosing an engagement ring is often the first step in a couple’s life journey together.

Ginsberg Jewelers wants to help with that choice. Being in Cedar Rapids since the 1930’s, their commitment to the community is quite strong. We talked with Steve Ginsberg, 4th generation owner of the family business, for some tips and trends with engagement rings.


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When looking for engagement rings, “Go all out, don’t settle or compromise,” says Steve. “This is a personal decision and you should get the ring you want.” The “perfect” ring choice is very subjective, he says. “Much like buying the “perfect” home, everyone’s opinion is different.”

The knowledgable staff at Ginsberg Jewelers want to give wedding couples the ultimate buying experience. They’re ready to answer questions and are excited to help educate couples to make the best decision with their purchase. What makes Ginsberg different from their competitors is that they take their time with each couple. There are no forced sales or rushing through the buying process.

The staff is happy to talk to couples about quality, cuts and different gem options. They have styles to meet any budget or preference. Regardless of the size of the gem or the amount the couple is planning to spend, Ginsberg is happy to help them find the perfect ring.

Typically, when someone comes into the store to look at engagement rings, most have already done some initial “homework,” says Steve. For example, 80% of gem cuts and ring style choices are directed by the bride, even if she’s not the one picking out the ring herself.

Steve offered this great piece of advice: Try rings on. The style you thought you liked before you came into the store might change once you actually see it on your hand.

Ring trends move slowly, says Steve. The 2-stone ring style that’s just becoming popular was actually showcased by the De Beers trendsetters several years before. Steve also talked about uniquely-cut faceted stones that are popular in Paris, which Steve expects will be several more years before they are requested here.


Images provided by Ginsberg Jewelers

While 99% of the time, couples choose diamonds for their gem, other options are available. Sapphires, including white sapphires, could be used. A newer trend for engagement rings is picking a colored gem. Currently, yellow diamonds are the most popular.

Another trend in engagement rings is using rose-tinted “rose gold.” The copper mixed with gold is what creates the pink cast. Originally popular in the early 1900‘s, the resurgence of using this metal instantly gives both a vintage and modern look to engagement rings.

DIY verses leaving it to the professional:
For the couple that’s looking for a unique ring and would like to design it themselves, Ginsberg offers two levels of customization. With their in-store computer program, couples can create a ring to their personal vision. These rings are called Debut, as they’re unique to the couple who works up the design.

A completely custom design service is also available when a couple comes in with a “back of the napkin” drawing, as Steve calls it. This is when a couple has sketched up their own ring design. Ginsberg sends the drawing to their designers who make a wax mold for the couple to see. With these rings, it’s important to make sure the design works and will hold up: the size of the band, as well as the size of the prongs verses the size of the stone all need to be considered to ensure the ring will be strong enough to last for many years. Then the ring is finally cast in metal and finished for the couple.

Plan before you propose, recommends Steve. When creating a custom ring, allow 6-8 weeks for the whole process.

Steve’s favorite aspect of the wedding jewelry business is being present in a couple’s life at that beginning point when they’re making the decision to marry. He knows it’s an emotional purchase and he takes that seriously. He’s honored to be a part of their happy occasion and wants to establish a life-long relationship as their jeweler.

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