Trends in Men’s Wear

Trends in Men’s Wear

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When you want to know about men’s formal wear trends, you go to the experts. For almost 90 years, Prince Albert Tuxedos has been that expert as a leader in Cedar Rapids tuxedo and formal wear rental.

Recently, I spoke with Jen Hebert, their customer service manager, and she knows men’s style. She has been in the tuxedo business for 12 years and with Prince Albert for 5.

What makes Prince Albert uniquely qualified is that they are completely local. Having their stock available within minutes of their two showrooms means that they are able to quickly assure a perfect fit.

Gray tuxedos and suits are really big right now, says Jen. “Navy tuxes are becoming a new trend. It’s not just for suits.” Coordinating colors that are popular with her wedding couples right now are purple, navy, light yellow, mint and biscotti (a tan/beige color).

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It’s important to stay current with wedding trends, and men’s wear is no exception. Prince Albert offers tuxedos from the latest designers. They keep an eye on new styles coming out and what celebrities are wearing, as well as paying attention to bridal magazine styles, dresses and colors and what competitors are offering.

Jen’s best wedding advice is to not let the little things stress you out. “Let others help you.” Jen likes getting to know the couple and showing them how their wedding look will come together. She shows them how the styles and colors can work with their theme and color palette. “It’s fun to get the groom interested,” she says.

While they can match any wedding color, Jen suggests choosing a color that is close, but maybe a shade lighter or darker than the couple’s color. This creates a bit wider color palette to play with in other areas of the wedding theme, such as decorations.

Jen cautions wedding couples: “Don’t go too simple because you can’t go back and change the photographs. Even if you think a tux is not necessary, we have tuxes that look like suits. You don’t want regrets of the photographs looking too casual. It’s better to have the suit jacket available and then take it off later.”

DIY verses leaving it to the professional:
There are certainly times when you can DIY, like with the causal “country chic” style, says Jen, but when you want a more elegant look, it’s time for a formal wear rental.

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