Tips For Tans, Make-up & Pampering

Tips For Tans, Make-up & Pampering
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“When the bride has been stressing about her wedding for the last year, it’s nice for her to be able to take a break and enjoy some time before the wedding,” says Colleen Beer of Spa Bilanca. You go to a day spa to get pampered. And, since they will improve your natural beauty and health while indulging you, a day spa is the perfect place for every bride to take her wedding party to relax and have fun.

Spa Bilanca, a full-service day spa in Coralville, just celebrated their first year in business. They offer facials, hair removal, manicures, spray tans and more. Owner Colleen Beer chatted with us about how brides and grooms can benefit from their extra pampering and offered some tips to look great on your wedding day.

A day at the spa makes a memorable gift for the wedding party–both the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They can do a whole day of services, including massages and facials, several days before the wedding. Even men enjoy the spa for facials, massages and pedicures. “We have big robes, champagne, treats. When they are all together, they are happy and having fun. It’s a special day.” Doing a spa day with mom is another nice bonding experience, giving you time together.

“My favorite aspect of working with weddings is the pampering that we get to do for the bride,” says Colleen. “She gets to relax, laugh, and enjoy herself with her wedding party.”


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Tips from Spa Bilanca

The question Colleen gets asked the most is how soon to schedule services. Her most important piece of advice is to plan. “Start early. Whether it’s evaluating skin care needs, scheduling for your bridal party or for make up trials, plan early.”

Even if you want to do your skincare yourself, Spa Bilanca recommends having a consultation first. “Ideally, we’d be meeting with the bride 6-12 months before the wedding, especially if she has concerns about her skin.”

A consultation will make sure that you’re using the right products on your skin. “For example, most people don’t exfoliate like they should,” says Colleen. “Using the best products, like rich lotions, won’t work without proper exfoliation first.” This is also important for make-up applications because make-up always looks better on hydrated, exfoliated skin.

Tips for airbrush tans and make-up:

Having that “sun-kissed glow” is popular in the summer and an airbrush tan from Spa Bilanca is an easy and safe way to get that look.

  • Test your airbrush tan 1 month before your wedding to see how your skin takes the color.
  • Before having a tan applied, do full body exfoliating and moisturizing, (but not on the day of your airbrush tan) as that helps the color to stay better on the skin.
  • Do your tan on the Wednesday or Thursday before your Saturday wedding for the best results.

Spa Bilanca offers make-up application at the spa and on-location make-up services for the wedding day:

  • Do your test run 1-2 months before the wedding to make sure that you like the products and colors.
  • If you are doing an airbrush tan, it’s best to have it already done when you’re doing your make-up trial so you can see how the make-up colors will look with your tan.
  • Consider wearing false eyelashes for big impact. If you haven’t tried them before, don’t be afraid to give them a shot. “They may feel funny for the first 10 to 15 minutes, but after that, you won’t even notice them.”
  • On the wedding day, try not to touch your face so your make-up stays fresh. With all the hugging and crying a bride is likely to do, a better solution may be airbrush foundation, a technique where it’s applied by spray. “Airbrush foundation stays on so much better than traditional foundation. It looks flawless and lasts even when it’s hot and humid.”

Images provided by Spa Bilanca

“A professional massage is nice and relaxing before or after the wedding.” Spa Bilanca offers couple massages, which are great for the bride and groom to do together, in their couple’s room. “It makes a great gift from the groom to the bride.”

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Weddings and spa parties go hand-in-hand.
You should never get married without fabulous skin.
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