Choosing a Videographer

Choosing a Videographer


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“The reason a wedding video is so important is that it captures moments from the entire day, even moments that the bride and groom wouldn’t normally get to see.”

Meghan started First Kiss Video ten years ago, after doing her brother’s wedding video as a gift. She feels passionate that everyone should have a video of their wedding day. “It tells the stories, anecdotes and well wishes from family and friends that they will share with their kids someday.”

First Kiss Video does about 30 weddings a year. As a primarily female-based company, Meghan feels they are better abled to get wedding guests to share their personal stories. This is an asset when shooting and interacting with the couple’s family and friends at the wedding. Meghan calls First Kiss Video’s shooting style “documentary and cinematic.” She does both the full length video that can be 1-2.5 hours long, depending on the package the couple chooses, as well as a highlight reel, which is posted online for easy social sharing.

When picking a videographer, have a list of questions to ask during the interview process, says Meghan. [Corridor Wedding Guide has some great planning guides here!] Ask about their experience and look at examples of wedding videos they have made for previous clients. First Kiss Video takes classes and likes to see what other videographers do to keep an eye on trends and to grow their own work. Meghan also loves to show samples of past weddings First Kiss has done and will show full-length wedding videos to a couple, if they would like.

Meghan is often asked how they interact with the photographer, and for her company, she says it’s never a problem because they respect the photographer and the job they are doing. A professional videographer will make sure they have a good working relationship with the photographer. First Kiss talks with the photographer before each wedding to keep the communication open.

Tips for a great wedding video:
When you are going down and coming back up the aisle, make sure to leave space between couples, as the extra space allows First Kiss to get multiple camera angles of each couple. This will also help the photographer to get great shots of each couple.
Also, be mindful of how you stand at the front of the church during the unity candle or sand ceremony. To let guests and your videographer see you, don’t stand with your backs to the guests. Instead, position yourselves sideways to give a profile view, or better, go to the back side of the alter and face out to the guests. This gives everyone a better view and allows the videographer and photographer a better angle for capturing it.

Hiring a videographer doesn’t fit in everyone’s budget, but Meghan would love for every couple to still consider making it work. Book our lowest package if money is tight, Meghan suggests. You will get the same quality and style as the more expensive packages, just a shorter amount of coverage.

Meghan encourages couples to watch their wedding video every year. Make it a thoughtful anniversary tradition. “It’s a great reminder to not give up on each other, it gives that spark that your spouse loves you unconditionally,” says Meghan.

DIY versus leaving it to the professional:
If you have a very small and short ceremony, perhaps only 10 people, certainly you can do your wedding video yourself. With larger weddings, having a professional videographer will give you a better video. First Kiss uses wireless recorders so ambient noise like kids and babies or coughing guests won’t ruin the audio. This is especially nice for grandparents that might not be able to hear well— they would appreciate watching the video later and may even like a copy of the video for themselves.

A’s to my Q’s:
You should never get married without family support!
To have an unforgettable wedding, sometimes you have to relax.
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