Choosing Your Florist, an interview with Hydrangea Bloom

Choosing Your Florist, an interview with Hydrangea Bloom

Allison Krivachek is the owner of Hydrangea Bloom, a florist based in North Liberty. This unique shop specializes in wedding and overall floral design for special events. Whether your event is large or intimate, Allison and her staff use their unique talents to create gorgeous, customized arrangements to complement your occasion.

Allison is passionate about making the flower process enjoyable! Her primary goal is to understand her clients’ wedding visions and to bring them to fruition. If it’s over a cup of coffee or a drink at the local watering hole, she will meet to ensure that her clients are happy with the plan for the big day. She will often meet several times prior to the wedding to make sure that everything she is planning is aligned with the couple’s vision, with her own personal on-trend spin. Allison works hard to make sure that her clients are thrilled with her floral work. If there is one thing Allison always gets right, it is the bridal bouquet. She is not only passionate about it; she designs and creates each one individually.

We asked Allison a few questions about what to expect when working with a wedding florist, and here is what she had to say.

What should every couple do before contacting a florist for their wedding?

  • – Create some sort of vision board or Pinterest board for the wedding. This will allow the florist to get an idea of what you like! Be ready to explain why you shared that photo – what you like about the image, and even what you don’t like!
  • – Do a quick online search of which flowers are in season during the time of your wedding. Prices can really change depending on what is available from flower growers. For example, she doesn’t like disappointing brides who want peonies at their December wedding. They’re just not available like they are in the springtime.
  • – Be open to a wide range of colors for your flowers. You’ll typically have a specific color palette for your big day; however, your flowers will appear aesthetically more beautiful with multiple variations of colors. The flowers will already come in a variety of depths and shades, however, she advises giving her a little ‘creative license’ for her beautiful arrangements.  Allison is the expert – so trust that she knows how to take a variety of colors to suit your vision. You may feel as if the flowers should perfectly match your fabric swatch, however, many brides find that a complementary color is visually even more ideal.
  • – Envision size of your bouquet before you talk to the florist. Be ready to show with your hands how big of a group of blooms you want. Is your bouquet the size of a volleyball or the size of a large watermelon? Your florist wants to understand your expectations and visions!
  • – To the best of your ability, try to be realistic about your budget. The more variety and more texture in your blossoms, the overall cost of your wedding flowers will increase. For example, a bouquet comprising of only rose & hydrangea will likely be less expensive than something with 10+ different types of floral and greenery.


During your consultation, what should you be asking your florist?

  • – Ask questions about their preferences and their process. These things might seem really small, but they can be incredibly important details. Ask questions such as:
    • – Where do you get your flowers from?
    • – How many blooms do you use in a typical bouquet?
    • – What sort of filler flowers do you typically use in arrangements?
    • – Who will do the actual design of the bouquets? 
  • – Ask if you can see your bouquet and other arrangements the day before the wedding. Allison prefers to host a “reveal” to her clients the day before the wedding. This ensures if the couple wants an arrangement or bouquet updated, Allison can make that happen. She also prefers to do this in person, so the bride can see and feel the bouquet, as opposed to sending photos. A cell phone can’t capture the full beauty of flowers as well as the experience of seeing them in person.
  • – The day of a wedding can be very busy for all of those people involved. You should find out if delivery and set up included in the florist’s pricing. Along those same lines, you should find out if the florist will return to the venue to take down the centerpieces at the end of the reception. If you don’t know these details, you might be surprised to be stuck doing these arduous tasks instead of celebrating with your friends & family.

Allison explains that their work is super customized and the process is seamless and transparent from the initial consultation to the online proposal, to the bouquet reveal the day before the wedding.

Hydrangea Bloom loves working with couples who are excited about the design and aesthetics of their big day. Nearly every bride envisions a day that is beautiful, but the typical Hydrangea Bloom bride has a vision but is also open to Allison’s suggestions. As a team, the bride and Allison can design a vision for the flowers based on current trends, while incorporating a reasonable budget. Wedding floral costs with Hydrangea Bloom start at $1,500, however, Allison shared that most of her clients are spending $3-5,000+ for their wedding flowers. No matter how large or small, Allison is committed to working within your budget and bringing the bride’s vision to life!

If you’re looking for a florist for your wedding, contact Hydrangea Bloom today!

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