Antique Chic Spring Wedding

Antique Chic Spring Wedding

Bride and Groom on their wedding day.

Jule Staton & Kenny Day
April 9, 2016

Jule and Kenny loved their beautiful romantic and antique chic wedding day at Celebration Farms. They planned their wedding together and enjoyed every part of it and are truly honored to share their story with the community to inspire others. Monawar Studios captured their photographs while Sam Fathallah filmed.

Jule & Kenny | Wedding Film from Sam Fathallah on Vimeo.

Our Love Story….
By: Jule Day

Kenny and I first met when we were in pre-school at 5 years old. Although we don’t recall those interactions when we were so young, we do remember becoming close friends throughout our grade school years and reconnecting in college when we then began dating. I always had a crush on Kenny in high school and he apparently had a crush on me as well…but we never were anything more than friends until college. Now 5 years later we are married and happier then ever!

You can love a lot of people, but to be IN love? That only takes one. And I knew Kenny was the one when I had that feeling. Missing him whenever we weren’t together. Getting butterflies before EVERY time we hung out. And then planning a future in my head before we were even engaged. We got comfortable talking about our lives together and what our paths had in store for us together. Being complete opposites while at the same time complimenting each other perfectly. It just works so well. He understands me like no one else can – he is certainly my other half!

The Proposal
Kenny and I had planned a trip down to my grandparents cabin in Southern Iowa. They have 80 acres of wood land where we like to go spend 4-5 days at a time relaxing and enjoying each others company. Kenny knew that I was incredibly close with my grandparents, and very much look up to them as role models and symbols of what a real marriage should consist of since they have been happily married for over 50 years. This particular trip felt different. Our first couple days there Kenny was not sleeping well and seemed a bit uneasy. I couldn’t figure out why? Maybe he didn’t feel well or just could not get to sleep because it wasn’t home, I was not sure. On our third night there, I was making dinner with my Grandma when she asked the boys (my Grandpa and Kenny) to go get some wine for dinner. When they came back upstairs with a couple bottles, Kenny placed one in my hand that had a special label on it. A picture of a rose and the name JK Vineyards, June 2011 on the label. Little did I know that was our first name initials coupled with the year we started dating. I told him I had never heard of this brand before and he told me to turn the bottle around and read the label out loud. On the back of the bottle, was a poem Kenny had written. I began reading it out loud and a couple versus in the words became fuzzy in my mind and I knew exactly what was happening. I began to tear up as I read the precious poem out loud one sweet verse at a time. The last verse read “And I will wait for that perfect moment when I’ll get down on one knee and ask…” as I turn around I find Kenny down on one knee and he finished the poem with the rhyme “Jule, will you marry me?” Without hesitation I said “of course!” and dropped to my knees to give him the biggest hug of my life. I was in complete shock and surprise, and now his weird behavior all made sense! My grandparents were not even aware it was going to happen until that morning when he told them! He wanted to propose at the cabin because he knew how close I was with my grandparents and how I wanted it to be in a private environment and a complete surprise. He checked them all off the list. It was a moment I will never forget!

Bride getting her hair done at Elevate Salon and Spa on her wedding day.Jule and Kenny Wedding - makeup

Wedding gown hung on personalized hanger.Bridal gown, shoes, and accessories.

Bride getting help getting ready on her wedding day.Bride getting ready on her wedding day with her bridesmaids watching.

Groom getting ready on his wedding day.Groom getting help getting ready on his wedding day.

Bride on her wedding day at Celebration Farm.Outdoor close up of groom on his wedding day.

Bride going to see her groom for the first time on their wedding day.Emotional bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Bride holding her groom.Happy bride and groom outside at Celebration Farm.

Bride and Groom shot.

Bride and Groom holding hands showing wedding rings.

Jule and Kenny Wedding - kissing in the veilBride and Groom caught in a veil.

Bride and Groom walking at outdoor venue.

Groom dipping his bride for a kiss on their wedding day.

The Wedding Theme and Color Palette 
The theme that we were running with was antique chic. Our venue was absolutely beautiful, so we really did not need to incorporate too much decor, but I was really going for something super romantic and beautiful while incorporating old/new rustic elements. I did not want the wedding to feel “barny”, I wanted it to feel unique, romantic and different. Something that really reflected Kenny and I as a couple. Our color palette was blush, navy, ivory and gold.

Groom and his men holding their suit coats.

Bridesmaids wearing the groomsmen's suit jackets.

Wedding party posing outside at Celebration Farms.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment 
My absolute favorite part of our wedding was a close tie between our first looks and our kiss that sealed the deal. Both our nerves were out of control prior to our first look. As the bride, I felt nauseous, nervous and completely uneasy throughout the day before seeing Kenny. I was shaking like a leaf when I got my dress on and had to take deep breaths consistently to calm my nerves. Since I am not a shy person, this was a new feeling to me! I had been hiding from him all day, and my photographer asked me if I wanted to see him or take individual pictures first. I immediately nodded my head for the first option because I was so ready to see Kenny. A nervous wreck, I picked up my train and headed for the amphitheater where I was to find my groom standing with his back turned under the stunning stone archway. My heart was in my throat, and I made sure I walked slowly and took many deep breaths as I made my way towards him. Each step I got closer my heart beat faster. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my bridesmaids and several groomsmen sneaking onto the side of the hill so they could watch. I kept my eyes down as to watch my step, and focused on my breathing. Then I tapped him on the shoulder, and he slowly turned around. The smile on his face was all I needed. He shed a few tears, which he will never admit, and gave me a massive hug. In that moment, all my nerves, worries and anxiety washed away. He made me feel so safe and happy and I was so ready to get married!

My other favorite moment is thee KISS that sealed the deal. In that moment, everything around us just disappeared. It was like we were the only two people in that moment, no clapping, hollering, nothing. It was magical!

Guest book table and decor.

Cards and gift suitcase.

Ceremony music.

Father's walking bride down the isle.

Bride and Groom during their ceremony.Bride and Groom's kiss the bride kiss.

Bride and Groom just married.

Rustic bare naked cake and cake table.

Bride and groom cutting their cake.Bride and Groom feeding each other cake.

Bride stuffing cake in the groom's face.Happy bride that just got her groom with cake.

Wedding menu sign.Table decor at Celebration Farms.

Bride and Groom giving a speech at their reception at Celebration Farms.

Father daughter dance.

Wedding reception at Celebration Farms and mother and son are dancing.

Bride and Groom playing the shoe game.

Bride tossing the bouquet.Groom getting the garter from his bride on their wedding day.

Groom dipping his bride for a kiss at their reception dance.

Advice For Other’s Getting Married
Don’t sweat the small stuff and have fun! Remember that at the end of your wedding day, the most important thing is that you will be married to your best friend. Not the cake, not the photo booth, but the fact that you are beginning this journey spending the rest of your lives together. I had so much fun planning our wedding. Picking things out and creating this day of love is something I truly enjoyed planning with my now husband. Everything turned out perfect. Just remember to take one thing at a time, if you spread your planning out and slowly chip away at things it goes so much smoother and really takes away a lot of the stress. Make sure you check with friends and family who have already gotten married to seek planning advice and see if they have any decor you can borrow or buy to help save some pennies. And if you forget something that day, just remember it is likely no one will notice but you, so enjoy every moment because it goes by SO fast!

Vendor Credits:

Monawar Studios, Marion, Iowa

Sam Fathallah – Video and Photography, Des Moines, Iowa

Rehearsal Dinner Venue
Lion Bridge Brewery, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ceremony Venue
The Celebration Farm, Iowa City, Iowa

Josh Sax (brother in law of the bride) Iowa City, Iowa

Reception Venue
The Celebration Farm, Iowa City, Iowa

Bride’s Gown (brand/designer + bridal shop)
Allure Bridal Gown, Zazou’s Bridal Boutique and Tuxedos, Dubuque, Iowa

Davids Bridal, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Men’s Warehouse, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Hair & Makeup
Elevate Salon and Spa for hair, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Makeup by Tia

Rings (shop)
Kay’s Jewelers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa–ne.html

Oakland Road Hy-Vee, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Décor & Rentals
Spielman’s Event Services, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Invitations & Stationery
Designed by Little Lovers Creative, Marion Iowa
Printed by Cedar Graphics, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Oakland Road Hy-Vee, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Oakland Road Hy-Vee, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Entertainment (DJ/Band/Etc.)
Ultimate Entertainment, Cedar Falls, Iowa