A Rustic Beach Themed Wedding

A Rustic Beach Themed Wedding

Esther Stephen & Kevin Chiddister: November 7, 2015


Kevin and Esther’s love of the beach was not only incorporated into their romantic proposal, but also into their beautiful rustic beach themed wedding. Family and friends were invited to share in the romance of their special day while enjoying the beautiful views and paradise of Bonita Springs, Florida. Richard Guin Films was happy to capture this day to share.

How they met…

Kevin and Esther first connected online and three days later met at Blue Water Bistro near Esther’s work. Esther noticed a cute guy in the parking lot before walking in and was pleasantly surprised to find that same guy waiting for her at the door of the restaurant. The night went great and Esther knew she liked him and wanted to get to know him better. Kevin felt the same way, so he decided to take Esther hiking way out in nowhere! They couldn’t seem to follow the trail markers because they were talking so much and one hour turned into two. By the end they were both a bit muddy, very sweaty, and extremely hungry! They ended up going straight to California Pizza Kitchen in all their glory to eat. It was awesome knowing how easy it was to be around each other.

The proposal in Kevin’s words…

Early on in our relationship I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Esther. January 2015 I sent a text to some of our closest friends sharing my idea for a surprise proposal. I wanted them to be with us to help celebrate. The plan was to take a sunset boat ride out on the gulf for “Katie’s birthday,” then surprise Esther with the proposal. As it turned out, Esther had other plans for that weekend. Her cousins were visiting the Florida Keys and she wanted to see them. So I came up with plan B.

In the meantime I still had to buy a ring. I knew nothing about rings so I brought Katie, Kathleen, and Lois. We found some good rings, but I wasn’t ready to spend that much! A few weeks later I told Esther I was going golfing with one of my best men Bill. We however had other plans, finding the perfect ring. After a few hours of going back and forth with the jeweler I decided on one. Then I had to figure out the proposal.

Esther loves the beach, so I wanted to take her to the beach, watch the sunset, and propose in front of our friends. The day of the big proposal, I was anxious all day. Normally on Wednesdays Esther came to my Beach Bootcamp that I instructed, however, the next morning we were leaving for a cruise, so I needed to cancel the class inconspicuously. I had my group call in one by one saying they were not able to attend class, so it was cancelled. I called Esther asking if she would watch the sunset on the beach with me. At 3pm I still hadn’t heard back from Esther, she had left her phone at her desk. When she called me back she was in Naples and had one more appointment, then needed to go back to office to get her car, and then was getting her eye brows done. She was not making it easy!!! So I told her to go to her last appointment and get her eye brows done. She could leave her car at work and get it in the morning. As she finished up, I got stuff ready for the beach. As many of you know, Esther tends to run late. She finally made it home at 5:30 pm starving. I told her we didn’t have time to eat and we could eat after the beach. As we started walking to the beach we felt rain drops. Esther turned to me and asked if we were to pretend it wasn’t raining. I said yes, and it was going to clear up. Luckily it turned out to be a beautiful night. We sat down on the beach and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine while I secretly managed to text our friends to plan the perfect moment to surprise Esther with the proposal. When Esther went to use the restroom, I called the crew (who were near the restrooms) and told them to hide. Once she got back, I told her I had to go and I went and informed the crew of the next steps. Then I went back and told Esther we should take a picture. I turned her facing the water, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She obviously said YES!!! As I was on my knee our friends came out to join us. We all celebrated, took pictures, and finally Esther got some food.


The Wedding Day…

Their rustic beach themed wedding was absolutely stunning and everything they wanted. Family and friends traveled from all over to share in their special day. Their colors were yellows, corals, creams, and browns. For décor they used driftwood, sand, lace, baby’s breath, and tea stained messages in bottles. One of their most memorable wedding moments was their dance! It was a great surprise to see their friends and family having so much fun….and Esther loved seeing Kevin bust a move because he hates to be center of attention! His faces were priceless, it was so much fun!

Rustic wedding sign that says, "this is how our story begins".

Bride, her family, and friends doing yoga on the beach the morning of her wedding day.

Groom doing a little beach boot camp the morning of his wedding.The timber beer chug workout challenge the groomsmen did the morning of his wedding.

Happiness is a day at the beach napkins to go along with a rustic beach themed wedding.Beautiful bright flowers for a beach themed wedding.

Bride getting ready with her bridesmaids and friends on her wedding day.

Wedding shoes and purse.

The brides pearl purse, bracelet, and earrings for her wedding day.

The brides wedding dress from David's Bridal.Picture of the bride's wedding ring in it's box.

Bride getting her makeup done on her wedding day.

Groom getting ready on his wedding day.

Groom and his groomsmen getting ready on his wedding day.

Beautiful bride at the beach on her wedding day.Happy groom and his friend on his wedding day.

Rustic wedding traffic sign for the wedding day.

Brush the beach from your feet sign and brushes for a beach wedding.Spreading colored sand down the beach isle before the bride comes down.

Father walking bride to the beach on her wedding day to get married.

Happy groom seeing his bride for the first time at their ceremony.Bride and Groom braiding a rope during their wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom at their ceremony on the beach in Florida.

The father of the bride officiating the wedding ceremony for an extra special touch.

Groom kissing his bride at their ceremony on their wedding day.Bride and groom walking down the isle after they got married.

Bride and Groom kissing on the beach on their wedding day.Happy jumping bride and groom on the beach on their wedding day.

Beautiful picture of bride and groom interlocking fingers on their wedding day.Bride and groom walking down the beach on their wedding day.

Bride and groom kissing on the beach with their wedding party dressed in coral, creams, and browns.

Wedding couple with the bride's family.

Wedding couple with the groom's family.

Beautiful white and pearl wedding cake with Best Day Ever topper.Bride and Groom's love story and important dates in their relationship.

Table decor at the wedding.Chiddister sign for the reception.

Groom carrying his bride into their reception on their wedding day.

Bride and Groom having a great time dancing at their wedding reception.

Bride and her high school friends having a great time at the wedding reception.

A thirsty guest at the reception.

Sending the bride and groom off at the end of the evening with sparklers.

Vendor Credits:

Photographer/Videographer: Richard Guin Films

Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Friends Bill & Jen Owens hosted the dinner at their beach home in FL.

Rehearsal Dinner Catering: Buca Italian Restaurant, Bonita Springs, FL

Ceremony: On the beach at The Club at Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs, FL

Officiant: Esther’s dad; Frank Stephen Jr (We’re still quoting some of the things he said to us, very special!)

Reception Venue/Catering: 3rd floor overlooking the beach at The Club at Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs, FL

Bride’s Gown: (champagne color, tulle, lace, & pearls) David’s Bridal

Jewelry/Accessories: Kate Spade diamonds & pearls earrings & hair clip

Hair: A Natural Touch by Frances D, Naples, FL

Makeup: Deja Vu Salon & Spa, Naples, FL

Rings: Diamond District, Estero, FL

Florist: Whole Foods, Naples, FL

Décor & Rentals: A Touch of Class Banquets & Convention Center (Esther’s brother’s business) Cedar Rapids, IA, provided all glassware, vases, and candles Esther’s family hand made all the wood signs and the rest of the décor was put together by friends and family.

Wedding Coordinators: A Friend and wedding planner, Katie Styra, and Dale Moeller, Coordinator at The Club at Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs, FL

Invitations & Stationery: Wedding Window

Cake: Publix

DJ/Entertainment: Pro-Pair Entertainment, Kissimmee, FL

Dance Choreographer: Jarret Ditch, Ditchit Productions, FL

Transportation: ÜBER & Taxis

Hotel Accommodations: Hampton Inn Doubletree Suites by Hilton & Flamingo Motel

Honeymoon: They are going to Greece in May. Kevin is planning it all by the help of Dana & Courtney Costas.